Laser Screed

We offer laser screed options with highly trained operators


Laser Screed

The most technologically advanced Laser Screed® machine available in the world

  • 360 degree machine rotation
  • 3D capabilities
  • OASIS Laser Control System
  • Pivoting screed heads

Laser Screed

The S-940 provides unmatched versatility and simplicity with increased power and productivity! Smaller areas can now take advantage of Laser Screed technology.

  • Improved floor quality
  • Raking/Fine Grade Head for raking concrete, finish grading or spreading material (sand, stone, etc.).
  • Works well with slump as low as 3 ½” / 8.9 cm
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®
  • OASIS Laser Control System

Do you have a big project?

Ask about our concrete and Laser Screed package. Save time, money and increase your quality with even floors, less manual effort, greater accuracy and faster placement.

Why use a laser screed

Laser Screeds feature a self-leveling screed head that is mounted on a telescopic boom. Laser Screeds are setting new standards for concrete floors. In addition to being laser precise and mechanically powerful, they are fast. The average Laser screed can accurately screed 240 square feet of concrete in just 60 seconds. That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. Concrete mixes containing steel fibers can also be screeded with ease.

Concrete Laser Screed and Operator

Highly trained operators are part of the package. We know having great equipment and skilled operators can make all the difference. Trained and certified technicians are part of the rental process when it comes to our Laser Screeds.


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